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The decision to migrate from the existing CloudCraze commerce site to Salesforce Commerce Cloud was driven by the client’s strategic vision to harness the full potential of Salesforce’s capabilities and propel their business to new heights.

Despite the substantial investment made in developing the CloudCraze platform, the migration was deemed essential to tap into the advanced features offered by Salesforce’s B2B Commerce Lightning.


The implementation involved meticulously mapping and migrating complex data models, while rebuilding and aligning custom components with Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning’s architecture. Navigating challenges in data migration and component adaptation was essential to ensure a seamless transition for end users and leverage the enhanced features of the new platform effectively.

“Expert knowledge is essential for migrating a commerce solution to Salesforce Commerce Cloud from CloudCraze due to the intricate technicalities involved in ensuring a seamless transition of data, customization, integration, and optimization within the unique framework of Salesforce’s ecosystem.”

Hugo Costa

Salesforce Technical Architect


The migration to Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning from CloudCraze not only empowered the client with advanced features, optimized data, and improved user experience but also laid the foundation for sustained business growth and innovation.

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