About Us

Since 2021 bringing the best


At TRH, we’re fueled by a relentless ambition: to cultivate top-tier IT teams that set the standard for high performance. 


With over 20 clients and 30 accomplished projects in almost 3 years of TRH, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality. 


How do we do it?

By investing in our people and providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed in an agile, dynamic, fun and supportive environment. 

More than solutions, we
deliver progress

Delivering projects on time and with top quality is non-negotiable for us.  


That’s why we have developed a project management strategy designed to maximize our clients’ ROI. With our experience in software implementations, we rely on industry-leading frameworks like PRINCE2 Agile®, ITIL®, PMI®, and Scrum. This ensures not just good, but exceptional results, while also fostering collaboration and ensuring solid governance from start to finish. 


Together, we reach greater heights. Let’s make it happen!

Our Mission

Develop talent from local Universities, providing them with knowledge, expertise and experience in trendy technologies.

Enabling remote work with cutting-edge technology for high-performance, flexible teams and work-life balance to deliver the best results.

Our vision

What sets us apart are our core values


Our commitment is to meet and exceede the standards of both our customers and employees! Quality defines the work we deliver but also our mindset and the approach to every task. Continuously improving and refining our standards is a skill we consistently seek to develop.


We all aspire to make a difference and contribute to a greater cause. A strong commitment can set us apart, benefiting both our colleagues and clients, even in times of uncertainty. This sense of responsibility and resilience is a core value, impacting our clients, business outcomes, and providing personal fulfillment.


Caring for our people, clients, suppliers, and partners with respect and empathy is vital, even in a demanding and competitive environment. Learning to listen, and offering support, empathy, and kindness can turn challenges into opportunities, even on a difficult day.


We are a young-spirit team, with a deep passion for technology and innovation. Committed to delivering the best results to our clients, we constantly seek out new challenges while having some fun along the way.


We aim for improvement in our work, recognizing personal growth as a key measure of success. Adding high value and contribution, is an important signal of recognition by our peers, managers, and clients, and improve our self-esteem doing our work.


We strive to cultivate an environment of responsible, autonomous professionals who think critically and independently. We encourage our team to appreciate guidance but also empower them to set their own course and continuously improve their self-confidence.